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Two evil rich kids = Love
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Hello Everyone!


Hello, welcome to my dA page! I appreciate every single view, fav, and comment that I get. But it might that me around a few days to reply to your comment. I'm kinda busy, or sometimes I delete the comment by accident, or because I'm just lazy... yeah... I kinda suck... but if you really want to get my attention, you should note me... I always see those... Yup, that's all, I hope you enjoy yourself on my page!

Art Status!

Art Status!

I DO Commissions!
I DO NOT do Requests!
I DO NOT do RPs!
Gifts are for friends only!
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The Best Character Ever Created!

Princess Morbucks!

Hands down the best character on that entire show; more like the best character in any show. She's the definition of perfection. She's like a redheaded freckled evil angel or something; it's so great! She's so cute and funny. I love Princess with a burning passion. I'm her biggest fan, and if anyone wants to fight me for that position you know where to find me (but you'll lose).

I Ship It!


Prinack Stamp V.2 by PrincessCallyie

This is my freakin' OTP!!!! These two evil redheaded rich kids are perfect for each other! I could write a freakin' book about them! I just love them, and they are one of reasons I'm drawing right now.

My Favorite Prinack Pics!

By RedBlooper

<div align"center">
By TheDayIsSaved

Contest Entry: #TWERKIT by KungFu-PandaART
xX Prisoner Xx by Blookarot

follow me / follow you by teacupballerina
.::Art Trade::. PRINACK.:.2 by HeSerpentyAT 2013 # 15: Princess and Jack by AzzulyRequest for Callyie-Chan by BloodieeJack And Mon by ibroidShowoff. by absotivelyposolutelyRQ - Prinack by xahCHUxSpoiled Rich Kid Super Villains by SummaBadgerPrinack Glomp (Request) by guntopa21The Princess Found Her Prince by Aeon-Borealis

Pics By My Lil' Sis!

Unfinished Prinack by Lil' Sis by PrincessCallyieMore Prinack By Lil Sis by PrincessCallyieRain by PrincessCallyie

I was thinking about opening up a Patreon for my nsfw art in June. (MORE INFO HERE! PLEASE READ BEFORE ASKING Qs! -> ) Thumbs up if you support the idea. 

44 deviants said :thumbsup:
4 deviants said Questions? Comments? (And there are some sketch examples at my nsfw blog fyi)

Next-Gen Contest entires

Wed Apr 15, 2015, 2:17 AM
Edit: Just a reminder that this is a thing that's still going on and the deadline is still June 1st! And all these entries lookin' mad lovely tho~ u_u

Ay, this is a just where I'm going to display all the contest entries so it be more organized and easy to judge.

Info about the contest here -> Next-Gen Contest! Win a 3-Month PM or 650 pts!

Current Entries!

Alex UvU by XxUltimate-WeaponxX  The BTL Squad by faithful24 STRONG INDEPENDENT DADDY by NyanicornYaY 

SIBLING RIVALRY by DarkMagicTrafficCayenne Jojo in my style by Ay6 Glad To Have Found You by Goody-II-ShoesOnly One by altrilast13  First MeetingFirst Meeting
 A 6 year old, red-headed boy ran away from the bigger kids on the playground. He didn't know WHY they were chasing him, maybe because he was an easy target? Because his parents had left to go get something from home? Either way, he ran for his life. His brown eyes shown with tears, and they spilled over cheeks, tracking through the dirt and grime on his face.
 Kingsley wished his dad were there. He would know what to do; he always did. Or his mom, who always protected him, no matter what. He even wished for his little sister, Chloe. She was so much braver than him, she wouldn't run. But that's all Kingsley could do, ever. Run. Run, run, run. And it's all he'll ever be able to do.
 He felt someone grab his arm, and then he flew backwards, his back striking the hard dirt underneath. He looked up through the tears and saw the bullies. One of them pulled back his foot and kicked him, hard in the ribs. He cried out, and then they were all punching and kicking h
 Don't... TOUCH... My hair by CrazyArtz5 Alex Male (PrincessCallyie NXT-Gen Contest Entry) by AzureTornadoKick93 Alex Female (PrincessCallyie NXT-Gen Contest Entry by AzureTornadoKick93 My Angels by Goody-II-Shoes Sisters by Gem-jam  A Heartbroken SpicerPowerless, that's how Melvin felt when his tormentor and childhood friend spent the entire weekend locked in her room crying. It seemed that the boy she had been in love with didn't feel the same way. And to make the situation even more unbearable Melvin realized that he actually cared for the young redhead female a lot more than he let on. Of course his older sisters knew, and teased him about being in love with Chloe, but he never took them seriously until now.
"Fucking shit!" Melvin roar from his room punching his dresser causing a picture to fall off of it.
Melvin looked down at the now shattered frame, he picked the remains up and turned it over. It was a picture of him and Chloe, then only one he had of her smiling. Melvin smiled softly as he looked at the picture.
"Guess those knuckle-heads were right." Melvin said shaking his head. "I've been blind to it the entire time."
"So, what are you gonna do about it?" Came a voice from the doorway to Melvin's room.
"Gah!" Melvin jumped,
 You Understand by Goody-II-Shoes

Persephone by kamels124 Harujuku Babes by Cosmic-Butterfly1 Persephone loves sheep by cmara
Chibi Chloe by kamels124  Scary Movie"Now, remember kids," Jack Spicer spoke to the two children, "Your mother and I will be home a little late from the show, so you'll be on your own for dinner tonight."
"There's leftovers in the fridge or you can make one of those microwave meals, too. And bedtime at 10:00 PM, no later then that." Princess added, fixing up her hair looking in the hallway mirror.
Kingsley and Chloe nodded to what their parents, hands behind their backs. As they were turning to leave, Princess looked back, "And NO scary movies, understand?"
"Yes, mom." They both replied.
Smiling, Princess stepped out the front door followed by her husband. Kingsley and Chloe looked at each other, simply nodding. Kingsley didn't have anything behind his back, but in Chloe's case... a DVD with a 'Rated M' warning on it...
Later that night, Kingsley sat up in his bed reading one of his books. He was getting to a good chapter till he heard his bedroom door open and looked up, noticing his younger sister. She seemed t
 Belle Pepper (Cayenne) by FrumpyFridaysBTL( Contest entry) by scarlett1714  when I found them.......      hey guy's! So there's this contest By Princess Callie, And she is awesome, so Watch her or enter her contest! So I wanted to write a fan fiction story about BTL( if you don't know who they are, check out Princess Callie). So in the story I'm Bianca. Ok here we go.
   When I found them.....
   It was a dark cold night. It was raining, I was soaked all the way through.  My mami had just died. She died because all she ate and drank were drugs. Know I 'm looking for my missing papi. He left us very early in life, so I never met. him. But I have an Idea of who it is, because I have supepowers. Now I better start running Because it's getting even worse.
" Ooff!" " who are you? My name is Bianca. Why were you running?" " The names Ty. I as being chased by some guys.  you kind of look like me. an I ask you a question?' "sure T" " ok, you might think I'm crazy dog but, can you fly?" The questi
 Cousins by Ask-TheLoveDoctor BlueBell (B.B.) by FrumpyFridays An Unlikely Trio by Ask-TheLoveDoctor
A Father's Duty “Princess, I swear, you gave birth to a demon! That little devil has done nothing but cause trouble to me since the day she was born!” Jack cried angrily as he stormed around the living room. Yet again, two year old daughter Chloe was causing trouble for Jack Spicer. She drew on the walls while Princess was out, and when he tried to reprimand her, she bit his finger and toddled off to hide in her room. It took Jack an hour to find her because she was hiding behind all of her toys from her crap grandfather! It was a terrible day! “I told you when you were pregnant that kid didn’t like me! Do you know how many times she kicked me?!”
“Sweetheart, all babies kick in the womb. Even Kingsley did.” Princess said, motioning to her son who was happily drawing on the small table in the living room. The young boy, no older than five, looked up at the mentioning of his name. Jack looked at his adorable son and sighed.
“Yeah but those were gentle
 Why? by altrilast13 PrincessCallyie Contest Entry by SakuraAHH

Precious Moment by altrilast13 Cayenne by MICHisHUNTINGaMOUSEPowerpuff Girls Second Generation by MKUSecondGeneration2Daddy's Little Monster by altrilast13Like Mother Like Daughter by MKUSecondGeneration2 Contest Entry: Shapeshifting Fun by dreamerkat01 These Colours Aren't Rich by CrazyArtz5Contest Entry (sorry for bad quality) by ThatOneDinoThere Sisters by MoonlightLover06 Alex Seduces Kingsley by MKUSecondGeneration2 Dem(n) Stalkers by altrilast13 CE: Horseriding sibling by TsundereViolet-ChanContest Entry: Rough day by dreamerkat01 Racebent Kingsley and Chloe by 10Bendog Chloe vs Opal by MKUSecondGeneration2

I'm really digging all the entries so far! Keep up the good work! :la:

the BTL squad is more popular than I thought should probs do more art ot them

CSS & Graphics by Metterschlingel | Image & BG by PrincessCallyie

About Me!


Birthday: 2/20/95

Stamp - Tablet User by firstfearStamp - Paint Tool Sai User by firstfearStamp - Photoshop User by firstfear

Yo, my name is Selena! I'm 20 years old. I hail from the best city ever, Boston, Massachusetts. Bean Town representin'! I now live in Warner Robins, Georgia which is kinda like boring suburbs... but at least there's a Walmart.

I love to draw and write. My favorite thing to draw is fanart. I just really love cartoons, and some anime too. My top two cartoons are The Powerpuff Girls and Xiaolin Showdown, so I tend to draw them the most. I also love crossovers. They are freakin' great and I draw them a lot too. Mostly my OTP Prinack though.

Something that you won't see on here is consistency. I like to draw and color in different styles all the time. It keeps me from getting bored.

I am extremely lazy, it's takes me forever to do stuff, and I procrastinate... a lot... But have a good sense of humor, so it replaces all that. I'm very sarcastic and silly (if you couldn't already tell by reading this bio) so don't ever take me serious... ever... that will be your downfall... Oh, and I'm also a major perv... so you'll be seeing a lot of that...

I'm a college freshmen and I'm majoring in Early Childhood Education

It's Diamond!

Fanart of my Steven Universe OC Diamond





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